I’ve just finished reading PR Week and am really excited by their big idea.

I can’t wait to find out who the NSPCC choose for their latest campaign and will be interested to follow the story.

The concept of using agencies from different disciplines to pitch is new and very exciting. In my role at the holiday camp, I tried to pick agencies which woud offer the best opportunity for my campaigns regardless of whether they were PR, marketing or digital. However it wasn’t easy as it’s always tempting to go for what you know best.

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m a huge advocate of  a joined up approach between advertising, marketing, comms and PR. Working together is always going to be of more benefit to an orgaisation than the traditional silos that  we have all  maintained.

In my current role I’m actually trying to bring different parts of the charity together. We have some fantastic stories about the work we do to prevent poverty across the world, but these stories are difficult to weed out and we don’t have a joined up apporach to finding them. There are also about four seperate people who repeat each other’s efforts.

I’ve set up story sharing gatherings so that we can all share stories, cut down on repetition, but also start using those stories in a joined up way. Fingers crossed and I’ll keep you updated.


About sarajanebrown

I'm a former journalist with online and offline, internal and external PR and Comms experience in a variety of industries.

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