As a mum there is nothing worse than hearing stories about children who have been killed or dissappeared: The four year old cruelly starved to death by his mother and step father. The two children strangled by a python. And the Madeleine McCann case which has new leads every couple of years.

It’s all so unjust and it just makes me want to cry for the poor innocent children. But even worse it brings out traits in me that I didn’t know I had. I’ve found myself trying to work out exactly how far we live from the nearest reptile shop and if that’s far enough to avoid any deadly snakes that escape. I worry if she disappears from my sight for more than a second that someone might snatch her. And woe betide any man who smiles at her.

I really want to trust the world and to feel that she is safe so that I can give her the freedom to learn and explore but I’m scared about what might happen. Being a mother certainly changes you. It also makes me think about all of the silly and dangerous things that I did when I was younger and thought I was invincible. and then of course I start to worry more!


About sarajanebrown

I'm a former journalist with online and offline, internal and external PR and Comms experience in a variety of industries.

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